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Wellness, massage


Sound mind in a sound body.

It is – of course – for a good reason that the name of the Wellness Park Pension refers to wellness. Besides its focus on nature its wellness services make sure that you can enjoy perfect relaxation and recreation here.

Wellness services for a charge:

  • aroma massage
  • Swedish massage
  • yoga
  • relaxation exercises

Free wellness services/facilities:

  • outdoor pool
  • two Jacuzzis
  • Finnish sauna with light therapy
  • cold plunge pool
  • paddling pool

Massage prices

Classic Swedish massage:

  • Whole body massage EUR 20,- / 30 min.
  • Partial massage (neck, shoulders, back, waist) EUR 10,- / 30 min.

Relax massages: EUR 20,- /30 min.

  • Lavender oil massage
  • Refreshing sole massage
  • Hand, palm, arm massage
  • Melissa and calendula oil massage
  • Skin revitalising birch extract massage

Antidepressant aroma massage: EUR 20,- /30 min.
(whole body or partial)

  • Pain relief massage (chamfer - eucalyptus)
  • Regenerating massage (with special cream)
  • Skin soothing, muscle relaxing massage (with peppermint oil)
  • Anti-stress and relaxing massage (with orange-cinnamon oil)
  • Vitalising massage (with aloe vera massage oil)
  • Hydrating massage (with universal hydrating massage lotion)
  • Cooling massage (with special peppermint cream)
  • Oriental scent magic massage (yogi massage oil)

Alternative massages: EUR 20,- /30 min.
(Whole body or partial)

  • Lymph massage (with paraffin oil)
  • Detoxifying massage with honey (with sesame oil with honey)
  • Anti-cellulite massage (with special pepper extract)

Yoga price list

  • Hatha yoga 1 hour EUR 12.-
  • Relaxation exercises 30 min.: EUR 6.-